technical features

Tool holder

  • Oxidation resistance
    into a salt chamber > 36 hours
  • Depth of stainless layer: To the core
  • Maximum hardness: 54HRC
  • Effective hardening thickness: To the core
  • Oscillation of tool holder housing: < 0,005
  • Hole tolerance for pull stud housing: H6
  • Shape tolerance on the cone 0,003 (ISO) 0,0015 (HSK) with 100% in process control
  • CNC shot peening with numeric control machinery and calibrated balls for homogeneity and treatment constance, so as to keep tolerances unchanged

Pull stud ISO30

  • Maximum hardness: 58 HRC
  • Effective hardening thickness: 0,5
  • Core maximum hardness: 40 HRC
  • Traction tensile strength: > 45.000 N
  • Flexion tensile strength: > 9.000 N
  • Cone/Pull stud coupling maximum slack: 0,03
  • Locking system: With glue and controlled dynamometric loading


With its STS Line, SEMAR makes the most of its 20 years’ experience within the stainless steel eld, by fully optimizing its potential to provide the line customer with a precise, reliable and long-lasting product.