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Dal 1975 componenti e assiemi meccanici, a disegno o a catalogo, pensati e costruiti con scrupoloso rispetto delle specifiche tecniche.

Persone orientate al miglioramento continuo dei prodotti e dei metodi, che lavorano ogni giorno con impegno e lealtà. SEMAR è attenta alle esigenze dei clienti e affronta le sfide sempre nuove del mercato con qualità, competenza, passione, tecnologia.

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Who we are

We are a group of loyal and courageous people, passionate about their job and willing to get involved to the end respecting the values that, as people, we can recognize in our company.

We put the customer first, working to establish a true union between us, aware that in the complexity of the market, it is the team, even more than the individual, who can win the game. It is the tidy sum of talents that each one carries within himself that will allow our organization to improve, innovate, work hard but with satisfaction, gaining the esteem and respect of our customers and those who work with us. Profit is a consequence.

What we do

We produce precision mechanical components and assembled groups for our customers placed in different industrial sectors.

We perform turning, milling and grinding operations on all metals, with particular
experience on alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, in medium-sized batches (50 ÷ 3000 pcs) and in small batches for highly complex objects. We work with dimensional tolerances up to IT2 grade and up to
roughness lower than Ra0.1, checking what we produce with methodologies and reports according with the specifications of the plants served. We make assemblies and functional tests of mechanical assemblies,
carrying out serial markings and guaranteeing the traceability of orders. We manage the full supply, including materials, third-party processing, treatments and commercial components.

How we do it

A group of highly experienced people is supported by selected, trained and periodically evaluated young people. Our managers meet periodically in teams organized by skills.

Machine tools, tools, and control instruments come from primary manufacturers for product and service quality. We are equipped with machines of different configurations, with and without automatic loading devices. Our testing department, equipped with over 800 instruments in a calibration regime, works on shifts to follow the production. We are ISO 9001 certified with Rina since 2000. Our suppliers are periodically evaluated to ensure the quality and competitiveness of the services provided. Production planning, deliveries and related documentation are managed through the customer portals and in any case customer oriented.

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